Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day 2.206: Daddy's turn

After we ate lunch at Hoffman's on Saturday, the girls (egged-on by Exile #2) decided that the best way to let their food go down was to challenge me to a ride of their choosing. They chose well.

I was chilling on this parachute ride until it latched into its top position at which the alarming tip over the top started. I kept my Daddy-cool but it was not quite carefree. When the ride stopped the operator informed me that the ride had been cut short by a request from an uncomfortable patron and I could stay on if I wanted. I decided it was time to ride the roller-coaster with Exile #3 and declined the kind offer.

As if that wasn't enough, when the six- and seven-year-old girls were all playing in the paddle boats on Sunday and E5N1 was feeling left out, Exile #2 volunteered me to get into one of the tiny plastic craft with a wriggly two-year-old and try to hold my own!

Pictures and ritual humiliation by Exile #2 obviously.
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