Monday, August 31, 2009

Day 2.233: Official: moth!

Exile #2 and the girls spotted this beautiful caterpillar in the back yard today. It turns out that its destiny is to be a rather plain, brown and medium sized moth, but for now it is the amazing-looking Brown-hooded Owlet Moth caterpillar - make the most of your youth little fella!

Talking of little fellas - ours woke me at 5 am shouting that he wanted the 'blue one'. If he actually knew what he wanted, I never worked it out - but in the end he went back to sleep. I did not.

Yesterday was, according to the Capital News 9 meteorologist, "The last official Sunday of August". Well, people like things to be official I suppose, so this is the last official blog-post of August. Also, actually, you know - the last blog post of August.

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