Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day 2.217: It's "holy" OK?

We're on the road. Today we were at a children's museum. Why is that in England we pronounce places that are spelled 'Holysomething' as if they had something to do with holly rather than with holiness? I've no idea, but it is not so here.

Anyway, we all had a lot of fun.

E5N1 answered some emergency calls.

His answer to another child being in the driver's seat was to confidently walk up and say 'My turn!' He had great success, but didn't respond so well when it was someone else's turn.

Exile #4 ran a diner.

When I arrived, lunch service was in full swing. She asked Exile #2, "And would your husband like something?".

Exile #3 reported the weather.

It may not have been quite 96, but it definitely topped 90 °F.

E5N1 played a drum, the girls manned the veterinarian clinic and everyone enjoyed blowing giant bubbles and climbing on the 'curvy climber'.

We drove on towards our final destination and have stopped for the night - after a very nice meal and a good bottle of wine, I am ready for an early night.

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