Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day 2.227: Henry and Clare

I know I don't often use full names here, but I will make an exception for Mr DeTamble and Ms Abshire - Exile #2 and I are just back from seeing their story portrayed on the big screen. Actually it was a fairly small screen at a refreshingly independent cinema and the showing was a fairly exclusive one - only six people in the audience.

It was The Time Traveler's Wife which is probably (for the moment) one of my favourite novels ever - if a little troubling at times - and as such a dangerous movie choice with so much room for disappointment. It has received fairly mediocre reviews, but we both thought it was wonderful. It captured the essence of the story beautifully, it was well acted, believable (no mean achievement when you think about it) and moving (tissues at the ready) - what more could you ask for?

Yes, of course the characters were less well developed than in the book, of course some of the gritty drama was lost, but the central story was lovingly retold. Maybe if you haven't read the book you'd find it a bit lightweight, if you didn't like the book (really - someone didn't like it?) you wouldn't like the film, but otherwise...well let's just say that we loved it.

Pictured is the similarly long-suffering blogger's wife in Times Square last week.


  1. My wife didn't like TTTW (the novel that is), but she's much too polite to say so

  2. The world (especially the world of blogging) would be a very boring place if we all liked the same things - The very well-read Mrs Rancid is just the first I've known about - I'm sure lots of people hated it!


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