Saturday, August 8, 2009

Day 2.210: On the web...

At a birthday party this afternoon, Exile #3 spent a good deal of the time stomping on spiders. Not that the place was infested you understand - these were serious suspension-of-disbelief electronic spiders. Here's a clip of a round:

As you can see, the game finishes with a prize of a few tickets rewarding the contestant. These tickets can later be exchanged for various items of 'treasure'.

On one occasion however this happened:

Her reaction was somewhat similar to mine when I won the £10 jackpot on a 10p slot machine on a cross-channel ferry when I was just a couple of years older than she is now. We weren't normally allowed to play any of the games - never mind those ones, but I had had a fairly nasty accident and had just woken up from sleeping off a possible concussion so it was deemed to be a special occasion. The jackpot was paid out in 100 10p pieces (old-style - about the size of a quarter I suppose). I thought I had broken the machine. In the end, someone handed me a pint glass from the nearby bar and I carried my winnings across the ship in that.

The tickets (as with the 10p coins) eventually stopped - there were 50 of them. Her concern turned to joy - just as mine had all those years ago.

My memory suggests that my £10 went quite a bit further than these 50 tickets when it came to spending them.


  1. You too, thought the machine had broken.
    After you had spent a small proportion of your winnings we converted the balance into French francs. This left us with a lot of 10p pieces some of which we spent on board (we were en route from Newhaven to Dieppe). At the checkout we were greeted with, "So it was your son who won the jackpot!"
    10p coins then were larger than now.
    Finally we think you were only 5 at the time.


  2. Very cute! Well done Exile 3.



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