Saturday, August 1, 2009

Day 2.203: Brief: summery

We decided to celebrate the first unreservedly summery day for a while by visiting Hoffman's Playland since we hadn't been yet this season. I won't tell you how our day was, rather I'll give you a taste, and let you work out the rest.

Unusually, these three videos all have sound - the second has the live audio and the first and third tell how our day went down and a bit about how the weather treated us respectively - the song titles will reward with the answers - if anyone actually recognises them feel free to educate your co-readers and polish your ego in the comments!

Incidentally - the 'three times' in the roller coaster clip title refers both to how many times we went round on each ride and to how many times I rode (first with Exile #3, then with Exile #4 and then again for Exile #3's final ride choice - the video is a montage of the first two circuits and the last circuit of the day).

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