Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 2.220: Westward - hot!

The first part of the day took us up the coast a little way to this cliff-top technology commemoration. From nearby we could see the sea to both the east and the west. Our journey home took us briefly to a wildlife sanctuary, but the car outside temperature sensor was reading 100°F (it was really in the low nineties) when we returned a bit overheated to start our journey home in air-conditioned relative comfort.

To find our way, we were following signs for 'West: Boston' - not something you can do from many places. It was an easy drive - I'm sure it could have been bad on a busy day, but we had fairly free-moving traffic and good weather (apart from the heat).

Surely someone can say where we've been now?


  1. I've been there! It's a beach named after a type of pasta usually served with cheese. Don't know what all the radio stuff was about though.

  2. Thank you for glancing in - not-so-local friend. Exile #4 is very keen on Marconi Cheese and orders it from kids menus all over. Apparently the 'radio stuff' is something to do with Guglielmo Macaroni who transmitted a radio broadcast across the Atlantic, invented a fiendish way of bowling and gave his likeness to a Sesame Street character.


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