Friday, April 3, 2009

Day 2.083: It's spring up north

We've travelled from Albany NY (latitude similar to the southernmost parts of France) to Cambridge, UK (latitude similar to Jasper Alberta) and found spring in full flow 'up' here. Nothing like this is going on back home at the moment.

The journey was mostly smooth until the drive from London to Cambridge - but at least we had decided to get a taxi rather than drive ourselves.

We've all been rather tired, but have had a good day. Bizarrely, the BBC News at Ten this evening featured the familiar face of the Governor of New York thanks to the events in Binghampton today. On a lighter note, hopefully a few of you will enjoy the challenge of pop pun 99 for title watchers: Halifax, Bingley, Bramall are all in the North.

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  1. Hey- that's weird, I can read today's post today!!


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