Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 4.074: Stealing away

It was meant to be a day trip. We decided to leave early to make that possible. Thanks to a combination of a cancelled flight (largely out of the control of Continental I think) and a lost hotel reservation by Expedia "Dot Com" (completely their fault - they sent a confirmation for a reservation they hadn't made) it ended up feeling a little like a 30 hour day.

I did get a few hours sleep last night but it was fitful and short. In the end the journey home was delightfully uneventful today.  Incidentally, does anyone who doesn't know recognise where I went?

I got home to two sick kids and a very tired wife. Exile #3 then had to be collected from the nurse's office early in the afternoon so that's the full set. E5N1 has antibiotics so hopefully he will be doing better soon and the girls...well, tomorrow will tell.  Exile #2 and I are just hoping for a good night's sleep.

Happy weekend everybody!


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