Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 4.058: Old water

I was more than a little surprised to find a can labelled "Special Reserve Aged 12 Years Water"  in the mini-bar of my room.  If I wanted to spend $6 on a small can of water, I think I'd want it to be a bit fresher than that.

I had a full-on day.  I was answering emails soon after 6am and didn't get back to my hotel room until after 11pm.  Tired.

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  1. The katakana in the lower left looks like "aruko-o-ru" (change ru to L) and IIRC the kanji before 9% means "minute(s)" in time context. The lower right looks like it ends with "uisuki-i" which would sound like "(w)oo-ee-skee".
    Also, the Dairy Oversight/Hindsight (D'OH!) checker has noted that dietary restrictions take precedence over dietary missions, well-intentioned or otherwise. Proceed adventurously!


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