Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 5.187: Departing, Acadians

Today was my parents' last full day with us on this trip and the first really rainy day since they arrived. We spent a good deal of the day at home playing some games and the like. We did make it to Five Rivers, but were driven back to the car by sudden-onset rain and some dramatic (if still reasonably distant) thunder and lightning.

Meanwhile, I'm still catching up on some pictures from last week.

This is some of what we did in Acadia National Park (except for seeing the animals I posted earlier): tidal pooling ("rock pooling" was not understood by the lady at the visitor center) at the beginning and end of the day including a spectacular splash when E5N1 went up to his waist in a pool and then panicked ending up emerging from the pool less one shoe - fortunately it floated; E5N1 and Exile #4 having fun at an event we happened upon run by one or two of the park rangers; lunch at a nice cafe (two of us had lobster); visiting a lighthouse; and looking at the steep climbs that the trails go up, but not attempting any of them.

It was a long and busy day.  I'm not convinced we got it quite right, but we all enjoyed it at least in parts.

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