Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day 5.175: New shoes, old shoes, my shoes, girls' shoes

I bought new running shoes today.  These are not them.  These are the ones I got back in February and have already carried me over 400 miles.

Unlike last time, today I was able to buy men's shoes.  My funny-shaped feet caused a challenge for finding some to fit well, but hopefully we've succeeded in finding some that will be work out as I build my miles up again over the next few weeks.

After the Delmar Dash, I started building up my miles for marathon training.  I settled into a four runs per week pattern, running on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday and peaked just before we went away and have dropped back again now ready for the real build-up to the actual race in October.

Having run only 45 miles in March, I did 72 in April, 120 in May and 132 in June (even though I missed a whole week when we went to Wild Goose).

My long runs (generally on Saturdays) towards the end were 15 miles (great), 17 miles (hard), 19 miles (fine), 21 miles (good), 23 miles (fine).

So all in all, things are going better again.  Unbelievably, if I stick to my plan, my new new shoes may well need replacing before the race but first they have some running to do!

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