Sunday, April 15, 2012

Day 5.096: Dash it!

Today I ran my first race since the New Year's Day half-marathon. It was in Delmar and the race is called the Delmar Dash - a five mile race starting and finishing at the Bethlehem Central Middle School. The race was through a suburban residential area and there were plenty of people sitting and standing outside their houses on a warm Sunday morning to cheer the runners on.

I had a time I wanted to achieve based on both my training and my target marathon time (I'm signed up to run one in October) converted thanks to McMillan Running.  I managed to get in under both target times - so I'm pretty happy about that.

Here I am finishing (thanks to Exile #2's camera-work) with the girls cheering me on:

I was flying to the line!

The kids all ran in the associated fun-runs this time.  Exile #3 ran the mile - here she is finishing:

And both Exile #4 and E5N1 ran the half-mile.  Here is their race going by:

I ended up running the rest of the way with E5N1 who valiantly completed it in the end and all three got their prizes for completing the races.

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