Friday, April 27, 2012

Day 5.108: Dinosaur - family-style

Dino BBQ Troy 2
I have eaten Dinosaur Bar-B-Que food before and enjoyed it, but today I actually ate at their restaurant in Troy for the first time. I'm not one to jump on the hype train apparently.

My Korean business guests were once again an excuse for a meal out and this time it was 'our' turn to show them a piece of American culture.  The association of 'Korean' and 'barbecue' is certainly nothing new, but I was far from sure how they would respond to big chucks of smoked meat.

All eleven of us had a rather good meal.

We had thirteen of their hottest wings, two of their family-style meals, each with a whole chicken and a rack of ribs, and one with a pound of pork, one with pound of brisket, two links of the hot sausage (to give everyone a taste) and one portobello sandwich for the vegetarian.  At the end, there was a bit of each of the family-style sides left (we had beans, coleslaw and fries) and a cornbread muffin.  We successfully and happily ate everything else.

It was a really good way to experience the place - everyone was able to eat more of what they liked and, after a few days of eating out twice a day, no-one needed to eat more than they wanted.  The service and food were both excellent and despite my mixed expectations, I was impressed and will, I dare say, be back.

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