Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day 5.102: Sunshine and showers

It's been a mixed day - and I don't just mean the weather.

I started the day with a run that, despite being short and relatively slow, completely wiped me out.  It became clear that I was not altogether healthy.  We spent an hour or so working on the kitchen (somewhat slowly in my case) before an outing (in the sunshine) to pick up a rental car at the airport (for me to drive some business visitors around in) and for the girls to spend some money at the mall.

At lunchtime I skipped food in favour of sleep.

This afternoon and evening, with the rain falling, we made some good progress on the dwindling number of jobs that we need to do before the plumber and the electrician come to get the kitchen up and running again.

The kids entertained themselves - Exile #4 was the only one to brave the rain, but she did look very much the part in her matching coat and boots, as Exile #2 noticed (and snapped this).

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