Saturday, December 29, 2012

Day 5.354: An unexpected visit

E5N1 was not unexpected when we dropped him off with friends for a few hours in the middle of the day.  We are very grateful that they were willing to have him over.

Our visit to the mall with the girls was not unexpected - we weren't shopping, we went to see The Hobbit movie in High Frame Rate 3D. For the record: I liked the film, mixed feelings about the HFR and I hate that I didn't love the HFR because the nonsense that low frame rates look 'better', 'more lifelike', 'less like TV' or whatever should be just that - nonsense.

The arrival of a snow storm while we were watching the movie was not unexpected - although it was on the heavier end of what we'd expected and it did make the drive to pick up E5N1 and get us all home more interesting than we might have chosen.

No, the unexpected visit came while I was shovelling the driveway after our safe arrival home.

A car came down the street, veered (slipped) onto the wrong side of the road and kept going finally side-swiping our snow bank at the end of the driveway and then driving on (back on the right side of the road).

Here's the evidence:

It came from the right.  All that snow in the road is the result of the knocked-down snow pile and you can see the tracks going back onto the correct (far) side of the road afterwards.

A good reminder to keep the kids away from the snow banks (and to take care if I ever get back on the roads to run again this winter!).

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