Monday, December 24, 2012

Day 5.349: Happy Christmas #6

We celebrated Christmas Eve with a walk at Five Rivers and a Carol Service at what is probably now after five visits in less than four weeks 'our new church'.

Bu the main responsibility of the day was making our Christmas video.  We went for a song - although not actually a Christmas song, it is seasonal.  I was surprised when looking back at our videos to find that it is four years since our last song (it was our first Christmas video - marking the first year we were actually here in the US for the holidays).  It was followed by the snowballing the camera video, the Advent calendar replay and the magic toy chest.

Anyway, Happy Christmas or whatever other holidays you might be celebrating around this time of year and, as ever, thanks for reading, watching, commenting and making it worthwhile for me to continue this crazy obsessive record of our life here!

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