Friday, July 19, 2013

Day 6.190: Winning and taking part

I won my first running race today - a 5K. For those who are not nearby, it was brutally hot today - not exactly ideal running weather, so my time was slower than I would have expected in good conditions. Leading the race from beginning to end was a surreal experience.

I even got a prize!

The charity that organised the event Myles of Smyles Foundation is named for a classmate of Exile #3 who lost his battle with brain cancer a year ago at the end of 4th Grade.

Orange was his favourite colour.

Our neighbour ran her first 5K - having just completed a couch-to-5K training programme and Exile #2 boldly agreed to walk with Exile #3, Exile #4 and E5N1 in the other main event of the evening. For all of us, there was the chance to cool off in a spray from a fire truck just at the end - and then there was cake (amongst other excitements).

It was a fun evening and the temperature was almost bearable by the time we left at about 8pm!

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  1. Many congratulations to you and to all the family.


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