Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Day 6.202: Special reproduction

On Sunday Exile #2 and I dipped our toes into doing something other than occupying a pew in our new church by performing the "special music" - three pieces of non-congregational music distributed through the service.

Here is one of the songs we prepared for that - reproduced inexpertly this evening and hastily uploaded to YouTube for your listening pleasure!


  1. The version in both my RC hymnals is the text by Reginald Heber and of course the music Nicaea by John B. Dykes; I mostly know the bass part if you can find a soprano (assuming E2 is an alto). I heard some disturbingly high notes in the video that need some low F's and G's for balance. :-)

    1. Exile #2 is indeed an alto! This is not the version we have ever sung in any of our various churches either. This version is from Sufjan Stevens' Songs for Christmas - but it works better for two guitars and a couple of voices!


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