Thursday, August 1, 2013

Day 6.203: PvZ Live!

Thanks to my nephew who introduced it to his cousins during our visit to the UK, we've become a Plants vs Zombies household. Only Exile #2 has resisted completely. E5N1 is the most obsessed - regularly (when he has not got access to the iPad or iPhone version) enticing Exile #4 into playing a live-action version of the game in which plants defend a suburban home against an attack of potentially brain-devouring zombies. Today, E5N1 and Exile #2 apparently spent some time making PvZ models out of Lego.

At dinner time yesterday, E5N1 was showing off his zombie walk. After eating some cherries for dessert, it was even more effective:

At least we'll be ready when the zombie apocalypse comes - if we can prevent the local wildlife eating all our plants!


  1. A local Scout camp offers a merit badge parody called Zombie Preparedness (playing off the available and required-for-Eagle badge Emergency Preparedness). It gives the drama-major counselors wonderful room for improv, from which came this riff on "Finding Nemo":

    Brains are friends, not food!


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