Sunday, August 11, 2013

Day 6.213: Pool, riding

The middle of the day was taken up with a trip (for me and the kids) to a 4th birthday party at the town pool. We had a very nice time and I failed to take any photos.

In a surprising moment, the young cousin of the birthday girl found an earring at the bottom of the pool and gave it to me (I happened to be closest). When I looked at it, I realised that it could be Exile #3's. Not only did it turn out to be hers, but then Exile #4 - having been given the nearly impossible challenge by me - found the back of the earring also on the floor of the pool.

The pictures are from yesterday's beautiful evening. I walked the kids to a nearby parking lot to ride their bikes a bit (and keep them out of the house while Exile #2 was cooking).

E5N1 is still working on his two-wheel skills, but I set him a few challenges to try to lift his feet onto the pegs on his glide bike and find his balance.  He's getting there - gradually!

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