Sunday, February 16, 2014

Day 7.037: Adventure run

I did my run yesterday on the treadmill (for the first time in a year or so) and I didn't run today, but my previous run was in exciting post-storm conditions on Friday.

Well, I say post-storm, the snow had transitioned to freezing rain which had glazed the trees nicely:

but there was still a lot of snow, and it was recent enough that the trails that are normally cleared had not been touched yet.  This was not the worst of it, but still a few inches of fresh snow with an ankle-scraping layer of ice on top:

It was nice to leave the first marks on it:

Although they would have been erased a few moments later when this went by:

But the worst part (not pictured, but illustrated by this picture) was the puddles.  See how the wet road (where the red lights are reflecting) looks the same as the section in the foreground?

Well, the foreground is an ankle deep puddle, similar to the trail-wide and 15 foot long one that I had no choice but to paddle through about half-way around my run.  Yuck!

Oh, yes and remember the bridges with the snow-plow danger from above? Well here is an actual picture of the place - and you can see the sidewalk I run on had been completely cleared before the plow dumped a foot or so of compressed snow down onto it from above - I'm glad I wasn't under this lot when it came down!

Since I'm still at home, I think I might be back at the treadmill tomorrow morning, but after that it will be back to the wintery streets and trails of southern Maine.

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