Monday, February 10, 2014

Day 7.031: Plow and scatter

We'd had two or three inches of fresh snow when I set out for my run this morning. It was still falling, but in the soft way you expect snow to fall, not in ninja attack mode. About a mile in, I was running on some recently-cleared sidewalk (although they are quick with that around here it was only about 15% of the whole run) when there was a patch of not just uncleared snow, but piled up compressed mess, soft but lumpy.  I was wondering what had happened when I realised I was by the highway bridge and that something like this must have recently happened:

Photo by Flickr user WSDOT (thanks!)

"Glad I wasn't here when that passed overhead!" I thought and carried on my way.

About an hour later I was passing that way again. I'd forgotten all about that thought during the miles. Just as I was emerging between the two roadways up above, I saw the snow pouring down across the road I was running beside - and coming my way.  I just had time to take a couple of steps back under the bridge as it landed with a thupuffuthwump where I'd just been passing.

What are the chances?!

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