Sunday, March 2, 2014

Day 7.051: Running a long run long

One of the things I immediately loved about marathon training was being able to go somewhere on a long run and see things I wouldn't normally see even if I was on roads I'd sometimes driven down.

At the moment I'm training for my first spring marathon, and training in the winter is definitely different from training in the summer and some of my long runs have been forced to be laps of good roads/trails or even on the treadmill. Today, however, the roads were mostly snow- and ice- and slush-free and I was able to stretch out my long run.

It's satisfying when the map of your run looks like a driving route-finding map rather than a local points of interest map:

20 miles is my longest training run in this programme  - this was the first of three.  I liked this route and I may do it again, or maybe I'll break out in another direction.

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