Monday, December 12, 2011

Day 4.336: The little engineer

This is one of my favorite Dilbert cartoons - it often crosses my mind.

My job description and my reaction to it are somewhat similar at times. But anyway, this post is not about me and my diminutive stature or my work.

No, it's about E5N1, who has found an affinity for the Magneatos - or balls-and-rods as he calls them.  He has discovered the joy of making strong structures with triangles and is often trying to persuade me to build with him - usually at completely impractical times.

Over the weekend, we did find some time - he designed this tower (it's not actually square but trapezoid (as E5N1 says in his American-educated way.)   It started off with "Halloween colours" i.e. red and blue and moved on to "Christmas colours" - yellow and green (don't ask me!).

Exile #3 and I helped to make it.  The tower was taller than me and used all the pieces.  Exile #4 showed up for the photo-opportunity and to help with the knocking-down part of the project - rather satisfying of course.

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