Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Day 6.103: Boo! (Rushing in Dortmund)


In case a hunk of meat, a glass of beer and an ashtray wasn't enough to tip you off, I'm in Germany. Specifically, yesterday at least, in Dortmund where I managed a very pleasant 5 mile run out of the city center and back.

Tonight, I have been driven out of the city because a hotel room could not be found for love or money (well, for a reasonable sum of money - I didn't try the other) due to a sporting event taking place there tomorrow evening.

When we left, there were crowds outside all the bars watching a German team beating a Spanish team at football, mostly wishing it was going the other way as the two biggest domestic rivals of tomorrow's game's teams met in what this town's crowds will be seeing as the warm-up event.

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