Friday, April 5, 2013

Day 6.085: En Montreal

The day got off to an inauspicious start when my morning run was in fairly heavy, settling snow.

Our plans to visit the Botanical Gardens were put on hold until tomorrow and instead we headed to the old port area - in particular to visit the Montreal Science Centre.

What we saw inside is once again, more than I can do justice to, so here are some photos from our out-and-about time.

The bottom right picture shows that there was still quite a lot of ice left in the port.  The top left picture shows an extraordinary development.  I thought I'd never seen anything like it, but I was wrong.

Somewhere, we saw this sign, but it's in French so we don't understand it!

Do you?  And no, I don't mean the one that says, "Welcome!"


  1. Picnic tables on wheels? Ou tables de pique-nique avec roues?

  2. On our recent trip to NYC for SVA & NYU, I noticed many signs saying "Siamese connection" over the dual-ported fireman's plumbing with the red covers in the lower part of your photo. HTH.

  3. 'Clackers not allowed'?



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