Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Day 6.082: Oh me? Oh my?

On Saturday, we finally managed a family outing - something that has been mostly absent from our weekends for the last few months for one reason or another.  Our destination was The Fields Sculpture Park at Omi International Arts Center.  Incidentally, I believe it's pronounced "oh my" rather than "oh me", but I can't remember why I think so.

There were a number of new works along with many familiar ones from our previous two visits - some of which had been relocated.  Admission is free - although donations are welcome and there is a small snack bar open at certain times.

It's really a magical place.

Puns and all!

I particularly love the works that seem inextricably linked to their locations - and it doesn't come much more obvious than this piece:

Love it!

The kids were on great form - in particular E5N1 didn't complain at all about the distance we walked - he really loved the process of discovering what we would find next.  As ever, there were some that just had to be interacted with.

In the top left E5N1 declared he was in a tie fighter.  The hut on legs is called - appropriately for us - Exiled (by Armando Mariño Calzado), a part of the special exhibition on Cuban Art and Architecture (until May 1).

We had a great couple of hours and managed to get around almost the whole collection - skipping only the Residency Road section on this visit.  I think we walked about two miles.

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