Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 4.211: Omi, Omi

When we visited there on Saturday, it was 22 months since our last visit to The Fields Sculpture Park at Omi, NY.  A few things had changed.

Child-size and weather from:
Tarik Currimbhoy - Ellipse   Peter Stempel - High Plains Drifter Redux
Tarik Currimbhoy, Ellipse   Peter Stempel, High Plains Drifter Redux

Poker faces from:
Philip Grausman - Leucantha
Philip Grausman, Victoria Philip Grausman, Victoria   Philip Grausman, Leucantha

Overgrowth from:
Hyungsub Shin - Electree
Hyungsub Shin, Electree

And a group shot from:
Michael Somoroff - Illumination I
Michael Somorof , Illumination

We also saw some new and old things that were rather cool:
Forrest Myers, Valledor

Robert Grosvenor, Untitled

Orly Genger, Boys Cry Too

John Cross, Corinthian Column, Open Column, Doric Column

Alena Ort, Circle of Friends

Sculpture with a view


It really is a great place - and you can't beat the price! The whole photo-set from our latest visit is here and the one from 2009 is here.


  1. Great photos! I really love this place...every view and installation is of interest... We should compare family pictures... ours are nearly identical :-) My kids made it into the brochure this year.. forward your photos on to them.. you could be next :-)

    ps. I have never seen that colorful rope maze one as bright and manicured before.

  2. Haha - thanks. It's thanks to your post that we went there in 2009. I can't believe it has taken us so long to go back. I suppose it just goes to show how many day-out options we have in the area.


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