Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 4.204: Butterflies at play

Saturday's "unfinished business" was at the National Museum of Play.  We previously visited there on our way back from Erie, PA during spring break but wanted to go back and do it justice.  One of the things we did this time was to visit their butterfly garden.  Although it is very small, we were lucky to be in a small group (one other family) at the beginning of the day and so we were able to take our time to see all the amazing butterflies and also hummingbirds and tiny guineafowl.

The girls were delighted to have a visitor on them for a while and later, Exile #3 gained another one when it was time to leave.  We managed not to take it out with us!

The rest of the museum was also pleasantly uncrowded compared with our last visit, but that report will wait for another day.

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