Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 4.229: Fete's arrow

My sister and family arrived today and we had a very nice time. This afternoon we set off for the vicarage for the village fete.

The sky was looking a little threatening:

The kids led the way - playing a lot of games at 20p each. E5N1 was particularly keen (and successful).  Some of the adults also had a go. Astonishingly the weather stayed dry and we even saw some sun. The rain started within minutes of the end of the event.

Later we had games in the garden too. The archery set was a big hit - well, when I say 'hit', the target was a little elusive for me.

All very satisfactory.

Our thoughts are with all our friends in various places in the path of Hurricane Irene.  Stay safe everyone.

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