Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 4.215: Pan and clown

We've eaten a lot of meals on the deck this summer. It started while the dining room was out of action, but it has really become the default. I'm sure it won't go on too much longer. Alfresco breakfast is always a special thing. This morning we had pancakes.

It was a fairly slow start. I was still in pajamas at noon. but maybe after last night we needed a slow start to prepare for the rest of the day. This afternoon we had two birthday parties to go to, so we divided and conquered both, Exile #2 was with E5N1 at a neighbor's house for a 2nd birthday and I took the girls to one of their old school friend's 7th birthday party. There were lots of very cool games and outdoor activities and the cake was a rather excellent homemade clown.

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