Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 4.214: Rodeo!

I've known for some time that there is a rodeo each weekend about half an hour's drive away but it has never quite seemed possible, either due to the weather or the late night or something. So today we checked our source for all things local, and the weather and decided it was time to do it.  I think we timed it about right. It was a perfect evening tonight and, aged four-and-a-half, E5N1 could almost be trusted on the bleachers.

We all had a good time - although I failed to get a picture of the girls looking like they were having fun! The sun was going down as the show began and it was a challenge to get any decent photographs, but here is a sampling of the action.

Team roping:

An acrobatic display - rather upstaged by a small audience member.

Exile #4 said, "She's just standing up with a flag - what's impressive about that?" as she did that circuit having done various hanging-upside down and the like.  "Well, she's also riding a horse..."

Barrel racing:

The girl in the bottom left is the same age as Exile #3!

And riding broncos and bulls:

Photo slideshow

All in all a great night out and a window into the strange other world of professional rodeo.

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