Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 4.221: Such a little thing...

I've written about Spill'n The Beans before.  I've been back a few times in the last year with my colleagues and have never been disappointed.  We're more likely to go when our Friday lunch numbers are small and it so happens that that has been the case for the last two Fridays in a row.

So it was that I found myself there today waiting for a coffee after ordering my sandwich (a MMMB with goat cheese of course - great as ever).  Incidentally, my colleagues ordered a quiche and a camembert sandwich and both were extremely happy with them.

"You can sit down if you like, I'll bring your coffee over when it's ready." said the girl barely visible behind the espresso machine.  Except she didn't - she also called me by name.  I hadn't used my name today - but she'd remembered from last week when I had been first from our group in line with my order.  I find it hard to get my children's names right so it is beyond me how anyone can have that kind of memory for names and faces - but when it comes to customer service - especially in this kind of place - that's the sort of thing that turns a customer into a regular.  As Morrissey once sang, "Such a little thing...but the difference it made was great."


  1. I can see why you might forget "E5N1" (or get it mixed up with H5N1) but surely you just need to remember the order the girls were born and add 2 :-)

  2. Haha you're right - I never need to forget again!


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