Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 4.220: Terse 4 Packing

The Burger King in Menands has had a sign outside it for some time which reads:


Really?  You didn't think it was worthwhile using an extra two characters on that otherwise empty middle line to write "FOR"? 

Anyway, apart from the grammar I have some sympathy.  There have been a few slow-news-day posts here recently - partly due to our imminent departure for the UK.

Tonight we've been checking our preparations: clothes, wedding clothes, passports, visa interview documents, airline tickets, hotel reservation,...

Maybe I should have shut up shop for a few days, but it has been more than 1660 days since I last missed a post (delays caused by technical problems excluded) and I am not about to admit defeat over a little thing like taking the family of five a quarter of the way around the world and back.

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