Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 4.207: Play (a way away)

So, here is finally a report on our day last Saturday when we made it back to the National Museum of Play in Rochester NY.  There are lots of photos, so I'll keep the words to a minimum!


Exile #2 spotted this rather good mission statement in one area:

Power Play!

The human kaleidoscope was fun for all ages!

Human kaleidoscope

Design your own 8-bit graphics:

Pixel graphics

There were lots of funny moments.


Beanstalks to climb:


Stories to star in:

Make your own story

Secret passages to discover:

Secret door

Strange rooms:


and strange mirrors:


E5N1 made some new friends, on TV:

E5N1 on TV

...and on stage (he wandered back stage while these older children were putting on their lavish adaptation of Sleeping Beauty and managed to get cast as the Prince - much to his obvious delight!):

Prince charming!

The museum was much less busy than it had been during Spring Break, we saw a monarch butterfly in the garden outside to add to the exotic ones we'd seen inside.  A really good day out.


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