Sunday, April 7, 2013

Day 6.087: Biodôme né Vélodrome

Our trip to Montreal started with a three and a half hour drive, including an uneventful border crossing, despite the need for five passports and four green cards.

When we arrived we made our way straight to the Biodome next to the olympic stadium. The Biodome itself was built as the velodrome for the 1976 summer games but is now a rather excellent zoo.

After a quick lunch at the cafeteria there, we bought our tickets and went inside. This is some of what we saw:

It's not easy to say why, but it was hugely successful visit for us. The animals were plentiful, but seemed happy (something that is borne out by the successful breeding programmes). It probably helped that we were there on a normal school and work day in Montreal - we went back there for lunch on Saturday and the ticket lines (non-existent on Thursday) were huge. The habitats are very engaging and varied and we happily spent the three and a half hours from finishing lunch to closing time exploring them and the Discovery Room.

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