Sunday, June 16, 2013

Day 6.157: Hand-holding at Cohoes Falls

We missed the flow at its highest, but on Saturday morning, those of us who were not at Girl Scout camp went to see Cohoes Falls in the sunshine.

It was quite dramatic:

Quite a lot of people were there including a number of photographers - many with tripods out to see the falls at their best.  We took in all the views the "new" park affords:

I quite like that panorama (taken with my phone) despite its obvious technical flaws.  Talking of technical things, I did not have a lens or lens/filter combination to allow me to take a long exposure in the sunshine.  So, I figured maybe I could fake it with a multiple exposure.  Of course, since I did not have a tripod, any long exposures (faked or otherwise) are problematic, but using multiple shots I could at least align them after the event while superimposing.

The second shot above is the result - here's a comparison with one of the exposures as I took it.

It's gratifying that my guesswork paid off and I was able to get the effect I was looking for - for better or worse!

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