Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Day 70: Stranger than fiction

The story goes like this: two engineering teams are set the task of coming up with a new prototype device, their boss explains to them that whichever team succeeds will need more space for product development, so the other team will be transferred to the Albany office. After a moment with incredulous looks on their faces the scene shifts to a grey building covered in snow, a man trudges across in front. The words, "Albany, New York" announce the location - as he continues the additional words appear "First Day of Spring".

That was Dilbert (click on the picture above).

This is reality, although in fact today was a very nice sunny day for the most part. Quite cold though, and not much impact on the snow, but I really expect that it will be melting over the next week or so, and maybe in time the 'Cloud of the Exile' will reflect that melting away too.

This evening some of our homegroup came round to our house for a little baby-shower. It was great, although we didn't really know the form. We feel very much part of that little community and Exile #5/Native #1 is part of it too which is very nice - as are the presents :-)

In a (probably last - for the time being at least) equinox-related observation, one of my colleagues pointed out how odd the world daylight maps look at the moment (if you're used to seeing them at other times of year that is). Here is one for you to either be amazed by or not.

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