Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 4.118: A whole lot of Shakering...

After our visit to the local Shaker Site yesterday, we decided to head east into Massachusetts to visit the Hancock Shaker Village. It was the last day of the baby animals event and we had a great day.

The animals were a big hit with the kids and I love the barn they have them it - a stunning location:

The rest of the museum was great too - the outside of the barn, the discovery room with dress-up (and building blocks), the brick residence where E5N1 showed his sisters that they should take the "Sister's" stairs while he and I took the "Brethren's" stairs.

We also enjoyed a singing demonstration and various other exhibits all while staying dry despite threatening skies.

The Shakers - despite their nearly-extinct status - seem very 'now' to me, with their understanding of the equality of the sexes, sustainable living, and a theology of humble non-certainty. Sounds good to me. The celibacy thing, less so.

Pictures are here.


  1. All looks great - from a warm Estonia

  2. You should read "Mr Lincoln's Chair" by local author Anita Sanchez - very well-written and interesting short history of the Shakers, with a plausible take on the celibacy issue.


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