Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 4.123: Wishful thinking?

I had an evening in with E5N1 so that Exile #2 and the girls could all go out to the theatre together to see one of our young friends performing and have (by the sound of it) a lovely time.

In order to compensate, here is a window into E5N1's life right now.  The other day, while Exile #3 was at the circus, the rest of us were in the car and, since it was a nice day,  I opened my window.  E5N1 asked for his window to be opened too, so I opened it.  A little later...

E5N1: Why did you close my window?
Me: Because [Exile #4] was getting blown away.
E5N1: [Exile #4]? Where are you [Exile #4]?
Exile #2: She's behind you!
E5N1: No she isn't!
Exile #4: Yes I am!
E5N1: No she isn't - she's blowed away!

P.S. If you missed yesterday's post due to the Blogger outage - it's there now!

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