Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 4.124: Pulled and not pushed

Today was a Saturday spent at home. We had various chores to tend to, but the largest was to turn this (that I prepared last night after E5N1 went to bed and before the girls got back from the theatre):

into this:

via this:

and most importantly this:

It may not be a purists ideal of pulled pork, but it did have three hours of hot smoking with hickory chips and it tastes pretty good to us.  We all* ate too much and are now going to bed still feeling full.

This evening E5N1 created this:

using this:

As a third child we certainly don't push him to achieve very much but he does have plenty of opportunity to stretch himself. His 'drawing on the computer' is one of those things that he is very motivated to experiment with. These fairly convincing figurative pictures are a new development.

* Actually sadly only four out of five of us loved the pulled pork. Exile #3 enjoyed bread and salad though!

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