Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Day 6.076: One-pot meal

Here is a photo-story of a remarkable meal. I had it one evening on each of my 2013 trips to Korea. It may not be the kind of one-pot meal beloved of busy families and students, but it really was cooked in one pot...

We arrived at the table and this was placed in front of us on a gas burner.

The abalone on top was still alive (click here to visit the video proof - or don't).  Also in the pot, some dumplings, a chicken or two, some rice cakes (like short fat rice noodles) and an octopus.

Soon afterwards, we fished out the dumplings and some of the fairly-plain but tasty broth and set to work adding greens and mushrooms to the stew:

Here was my "starter":

And then, a little later, we had the chicken, vegetables, rice cakes, octopus (cut up with scissors at some point) in some more of the broth (now getting a little more complex):

Finally, noodles were added to the pot, along with some other ingredients and after a minute or so we had our final course from the pot - by now the broth was quite spicy and delicious - perfect to accompany the plain noodles.

And OK - yes there was a course that didn't come from the pot - but they were local and delicious (and not served during the January version of this meal!)

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