Thursday, May 9, 2013

Day 6.119: Big bug update

First, an update on the bug in the spider's web - it still seems to be in one piece but may have given up the fight. It may be my imagination, but the spider seems to be looking fatter and happier.

However, the real bug story tonight is about the periodical cicadas. These remarkable creatures - with a wonderful Latin name, magicicada - live for 13 or 17 years underground as nymphs and then - briefly but in overwhelming numbers - develop into adults, make a lot of noise, mate, lay eggs and die.  This year, Brood II is emerging after their 17 year absence. We are at the north-west edge of the area they inhabit and no-one seems quite sure how much we will see - or more to the point hear - of them here. It seems that we should find out over the next few weeks - you can follow along with their progress here and here.

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