Monday, May 27, 2013

Day 6.137: On (the) parade...

Exile #2 stayed home with E5N1 (who was sick during the night but fine this morning) while I took the girls to see the Memorial Day parade. This is a great community event - and somehow I don't feel too much like a foreigner despite the patriotism on display.

The weather finally remembered that it was Memorial Day weekend - it was pretty much perfect for sitting out.

As ever, I have no difficulties clapping enthusiastically for all the firefighters.

Exile #4 - as is her habit - came over quite American.

While her sister was apparently gobsmacked by the fire trucks!


  1. Did you see a large cheery chipmunk/beaver/otter?

  2. Yes we did, but I suspect that he/she did not see us!?

    1. I have it on good authority that he/she was looking out for you but didn't see you. But I understand the beaver/otter/chipmunk has a very, very narrow field of vision. Makes you wonder how it manages to build dams/catch fish/sing annoying pop songs.


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