Sunday, May 19, 2013

Day 6.129: Pulled pork and what?

There's not all that much to report from today - a 12 mile run (me), two birthday parties (E5N1), a girl scout cake walk (Exile #3 with Exile #2).

The reason it was such a quiet day(!) was that I was home making pulled pork. This is an all day affair - it started at around 9 am with heating the charcoal and the meat was just ready in time for dinner a little after 6 pm.

It was a new recipe - from my Weber's Smoke book and worked rather well.  I much prefer doing the post-smoking finish of the meat wrapped in foil in the grill than taking it out and bringing it in to finish in the oven as one of the other recipes I used suggests.  I also like having grill temperature and meat temperature targets to work to - I'm a data-driven kind of guy I suppose.

On another topic, quite unrelated to today's activities - in fact related to yesterday's - can anyone guess what this is:

I have punctuation smiles to award to amusing answers and some more photos to reward a correct one!

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