Friday, August 21, 2009

Day 2.223: Downstate, downtown

Much as I'd like to perpetuate yesterday's quiz, I've decided not to.

We were in New York City for the day yesterday. We started with a drive to Poughkeepsie to pick up a Metro North train which delivered us to Grand Central Station.We spent the morning at MoMA where we thoroughly enjoyed a really impressive collection of modern art, possibly slightly unimaginatively arranged.

After lunch in Greenwich Village, we went down to Lower Manhattan to see the "Mother of Exiles" - we couldn't miss that! It was near here that we saw the wild turkey - it just came wandering across the path.Next, we walked through Chinatown - scene of two of yesterday's pictures and this one:From there we walked up onto the Brooklyn Bridge which we'd heard has some nice views.We ended the day with a visit to Times Square where I photographed George M. Cohan watching the Gap jeans advertisement and the cars and foot traffic going by.Then, back the way we came. All made possible by my parents, who supervised the kids all day - thank you!

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