Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 4.126: Going to Jim

Exile #3 was dramatically and inconveniently unwell yesterday evening, so she had to stay home from school today. I left work at lunchtime to come and help with the logistics of having her at home. Part of that was taking both E5N1 and Exile #4 to their gymnastics classes. They both go to the same place although you'd be forgiven for failing to recognize it. When E5N1 goes at 2pm there is no-one else there. Today it was three small boys and their instructor. When the girls go at 6.30pm, the place is packed with kids of all ages and all levels of expertise.

E5N1 had a good class today - he's been surprising us with randomly doing forward rolls on the bed at story time - he's generally quite willing to throw himself around and apparently takes direction at times too!

Exile #4 is also starting to take to it as well - focusing well on what is going on and building up some strength and stamina.  Of course, her enthusiasm has never been in doubt at any point since she joined Exile #3's class. I found this note that has been around for a couple of months when I got back this evening:

Mach 2011
  To Mom,
I love you! how are you?
Thak you ageni for
leting me go
to Jim.  love
     [Exile #4]

I think that was about the gymnastics class, but now I read it again...maybe there's something else going on?

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