Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 4.135: Two wheels

Thanks to early/late birthday presents from my parents, the kids have a pair of these rather cool pedal-less bicycles - one E5N1 sized and the other for the girls to share.

After some failed attempts to get them to even try riding a two-wheeler in the past we were hoping that these would bridge the gap and help them to get the feel of balancing a bike and develop some confidence.

So, even though the girls birthdays aren't until next week, we decided to make the most of this excellent being-outdoors weather and took them to the town park. It went rather well. Here is Exile #4 attempting a down-hill glide on a slightly bumpy path.

I think it will be even more fun with a slightly greater incline.

E5N1 loves his too although he still has a way to go to develop his technique.

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