Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day 5.204: Repurposed - by birds

Exile #2 did some yard-work today. She made this bit of border very smart indeed.

We'll be needing some more mulch if she's going to make much more progress.

In the background, leaning against the house, you can see our old rotary washing line. They are pretty common in small UK gardens (back-yards) but fairly unusual here. In both countries they are a magnet for the fascination of young children and ours aired its last clothes last year thanks to some over-exuberant child-interaction.

So it has been leaning there out of sight for about a year.

Out of sight to us (most of the time at least), but someone else had their eyes on it...

...and decided it would be a great place to raise a family.

It's so out of sight we have no idea if the plan worked out, but I like to think that with a nesting site like this, it was a fully-fledged success.

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